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Smart ID Card Solution

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Our ID Card Solutions help you create a card portfolio that delights customers and supports your brand vision with the most robust range of card types, design and deployment on the market. Our secure technology enables enrolment, issuance and lifecycle management for National IDs, Passports, Driving Licenses and other physical and mobile credentials that resist fraud, forgery and alteration. We offer a portfolio of solutions to help streamline delivery and management of a wide range of e-Governance programs like licensing, voting, taxation, healthcare, entitlements and more.

Salient Features:

Our employee and visitor ID solution meet a full range of requirements from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials that leverage smart cards and other advanced technologies. Our comprehensive portfolio include workflow, software and hardware system, supplies and professional services that make it easy to deploy precise identity solution your enterprise needs.

We provide Complete PVC ID Card Printer Solution which include –

Different types of Thermal/Retransfer printing technology based ID card printers

Normal/Smart Plain/Pre-printed PVC Cards

Card Designing Software

Smart Card Readers

RFID Card Based Solutions

Card Accessories like Lanyards, Holders, Yoyo etc.

Digital printing on Lanyards etc.

Repair and Maintenance of Hardware

PVC Card printing job work etc.

Advanced Features

Tactile Impression: Use the tactile impression feature to impress an easily verified design onto the card laminate and substrate to help make alteration attempts immediately evident. Choose from a set of generic designs, or create a custom design that impresses your unique logo or seal to elevate security as well as your brand.

Choice of Overlays: Take security and durability to new levels with near, or full edge-to-edge lamination, clear overlay that’s virtually impossible to remove intact. Apply serialized laminates, which lets you bind each card you print to a specific identity in your database to help deter counterfeiting.

Automatic Card Flattening: Cards that are this secure, advanced and attractive should not come out of the printer bent or bowed. Our unique de-bowing feature flattens cards after lamination to meet ISO standards for quality.

Single-Pass Printing, Encoding and Laminating: Print vibrant cards with high-resolution, edge-to-edge printing. Encode smart chips, magnetic stripes to meet the needs of your existing service and security infrastructure. Apply the security and durability laminates you need to protect your people, facilities and assets. Do it all in one pass for incredible efficiency.


Application Area:

• Employee and visitor Ids for Govt. & Corporate Offices

• Student and faculty ID cards for Education Institutions

• Government photo IDs for various projects and schemes

• Parks and recreation passes for Resorts

• Library cards

• Health care staff and patient IDs

• Club membership cards

• Customer loyalty cards

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