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RFID Library provides for no line of sight identification of items. It includes the ability to facilitate circulation, re-shelving, and theft detection, and it has several other important advantages. It can either replace or supplement existing library bar codes. RFID Technology is a non-line of sight AIDC technology that provides numerous advantages over existing system to a great extent. In a library kind of environment RFID has significant potential to speed up library services and streamline time consuming operations such as check in- check out, sorting, stock management and inventory. Phase wise implementation for deployment of RFID solution in library should be planned out carefully. When the costs of labour is taken into consideration for tasks such as checkout, check-in, inventory holds, lists, mis-shelved items, etc., RFID can prove to be very efficient when compared to traditional barcodes.


Hardware components and Software involved

RFID tag is to be applied on each and every book, journals, magazines and CD’s etc. They are available in various form of factors

Staff station is used for issue and return of library materials, entry of new material to the LMS etc

RFID handheld reader/Scanner is mainly used in stock verification of books which can be done in hours instead of days with barcode/rfid reader system

Security gates are placed at entry and exit of the library to keep check on unauthorized books going outside. It will have a read range Up to 1.3 m.

RFID enabled self check in-check out system is an independent touch screen based kiosk for borrowers to perform  issue-return functions on their own

Information kiosk will be used by patrons for searching the library catalogue for books & journals using simple & advanced search criteria.

RFID ID card and Printer for library members and students for identification

Book drop Station is a touch screen based stand alone multi protocol book drop primarily used for returning library books

Koha is an LMS that will support hardware component in the RFID Library

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