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Digital Class Room Solution

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A digital classroom is typically one that incorporates electronic devices and software into the learning environment. A digital classroom is where a physical classroom extends into a digital space. The space of a digital classroom must hold potential for collaboration or continuing work outside of the classroom.

Salient Features:

All in one Interactive Digital class room comes with a built-in PC with a central controller system, Multi touch ceramic coated Whiteboard gives liberty in emergency to be used as marker pen writing board, Green Board, Visualizer, Short Throw Projector etc. The multi touch functionality of the board makes it incredibly simple to use with both stylus and finger. Seamless integration between central controller, PC, document camera, built in speakers, wireless mic and IWB alleviate the need to assemble external cables.

  • Sufficient in-out ports are to connect external devices like Laptop, Pen drive, Camera, additional speakers etc.
  • 100% all devices including UPS are on wall for the protection, cleanliness & cables are concealed
  • Both boards are in a single frame for elegant look
  • The controller PC & Speakers, Visualizer, Laptop style Keyboard & Touch mouse on hydraulic door plate etc are inside the powder coated finished metallic casing with lock & key option for complete protection on the solution
  • A touch button multimedia control panel is also there inside the casing for hassle free single button operation of the entire solution
  • A remote controller with laser presenter & volume controller is also there with the setup to manage the show from the all corners of the class room.
  • Optional wireless Mic is also there which in extent eliminate the necessity of additional PA system in the room
  • By adding webcam internet the system can also be utilized for online classes/video conferencing purpose
  • The entire system is robust, elegant, hassle free, user friendly and safe/protective for class room type of environment
  • NCERT/CBSE Board based high quality e-Content can also be provided which make the subject easy & entertaining


Application Area:

  • Schools/Colleges
  • Educational Institutes
  • Universities
  • Coaching Institutes
  • Corporate & Government Offices
  • Board Rooms
  • Conference Rooms


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