Interactive LED Touch Panel Solution

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Interactive LED Touch Screens are revolutionising the way we teach, train and present. Interactive technology enables you to present and capture all of the contents of your training or teaching session in real time. It’s applications are limitless ranging from education, presentations, boardroom and conference room collaboration or being used as interactive information kiosks. You can open applications, navigate the web, use the virtual keyboard to type information, annotate over the top of the displayed information.

Salient Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution and an immersive 20-point touch screen
  • Delivers incredible collaborative capabilities with pre-installed annotation software
  • Lets multiple users write or draw on the screen with their fingers and styluses
  • Versatile connectivity options including multiple HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45, and USB ports provides powerful computing for annotation and multimedia playback
  • Optional slot-in PC capability, for more computing-intensive interactive applications
  • VESA-compatible design and can be placed on a wall mount, or on an optional trolley cart for flexible installation in classrooms and corporate meeting rooms.
  • Integrated with Cast as well as video conference software delivers out of the box annotation and content sharing capabilities
  • Cast content sharing app for mobile devices enables 1080p content to be streamed from a user’s device wirelessly or over a cable network
  • Conferencing app enables content to be streamed from a user’s devices over the internet
  • Annotation app used for writing and drawing with intuitive “draw with one finger, move/zoom with two fingers, and erase with three fingers” design delivers a user friendly experience
  • Offering users a complete wireless environment, the optional slot-in wireless module provides a dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi network, as well as Bluetooth support for flexible usage
  • Mirroring capabilities deliver group discussion and spatial arrangement flexibility by allowing content and sound to be mirrored on to other devices simultaneously
  • The 7H scratch-resistant and anti-glare screen offers a durable and consistent high-quality touch Experience
  • HDMI, USB, and VGA connections provide the versatility to connect to a wide variety of computing and multimedia devices


Application Area:

  • Schools/Colleges
  • Universities
  • Higher Education Institutes
  • Medical / Engineering Colleges
  • Coaching Institutes
  • Corporate Offices
  • Government Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Multiplexes
  • Auditoriums
  • Galleries
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